Carlsbad officials remove 'fork' at intersection

Oversized fork was at Levante Street, Anillo Way

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Some Carlsbad residents are angry at the city's decision to remove an oversized eating utensil from an intersection.

On Wednesday, holes were all that was left of an art sculpture at the intersection of Levante Street and Anillo Way. The six-foot oversized fork became an overnight sensation, and one by one, drivers stopped to ask why it was taken down, and expressed how much they liked it and wondered where it was.

Colleen West, who lives just around the corner, told 10News, "I thought it was clever; it was neat."

The art appeared out of nowhere on Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday morning, it disappeared as quickly as it popped up.

10News talked to the artist, who said he wanted to do it for more than 30 years and finally had time after retiring from his job as a high school teacher. He said it was all about directions.

Neighbors told 10News they guide people to their homes by telling them to turn at the fork in the road because by the street sign is past the point drivers have to make the decision to turn or keep traveling on Levante Street.

In a statement to 10News, city officials said, "Although the fork in the road remains, the literal fork was removed this morning. We appreciate the creativity, but it's not legal or safe to put objects like this on public streets or medians."

The artist said he was disappointed the city put a fork in his 30-year plan after one night.

West said she is not giving up.

"I'm thinking I'm going to drive around all the forks and see if it's at the next fork in the neighborhood," West added.

A new statement piece went up on Wednesday, as someone in an SUV threw up a sign and sped off.

The sign said, "Why the fork not?"

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