City Decides To Save Pesky Beaver Family

Beaver Said To Be Gnawing Down Too Many Trees

A local beaver family who is making a mess of trees near the Kern Recreational Bike Path has been saved after a surge of response via email, blog comments, phone calls and more. linked up to the story much of early Friday, providing high traffic, and helping to spread the word both nationally and internationally about the plight of the beavers who made a home near a popular bike path in Bakersfield, Calif.

Jodi Brenner from Beltsville, Maryland sent a letter to the California state governor's office about the beaver after reading the story on Brenner wrote, "I saw an article on that had a link to a Bakersfield, CA news station about a beaver that has been sentenced to death by wildlife officials for gnawing on trees in a local park. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why has this creature been sentenced to death for doing the only thing that it knows how to do?"

State wildlife officials from the Department of Fish and Game had been issued a permit to kill the beavers, which they said, were destroying $500 trees. They are now working with the Bakersfield city officials to save the beavers after a request to revoke the permit.

Nine trees have been gnawed to stumps near the Park at Riverwalk.

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When previously asked why officials couldn't just relocate the little vandals, they said that is not an option because the animal’s nature is to stop the flow of water, which could ruin an irrigation canal or destroy more trees at another location.

People from around the country spoke out, suggesting to move the bike path, put the animals in a zoo, relocate them, or even jokingly, to relocate the officials who wanted the animals destroyed.

It's unknown how the beavers will be relocated.

By ABC23 Managing Editor Nick Belardes