Clerk Who Ended Civil Ceremonies Talks To LA Times

Ann Barnett Refuses To Grant Bakersfield-Area Media Interviews

Though County Clerk Ann Barnett has refused numerous interviews by ABC23 and other local media on a recent decision to end civil ceremonies, she has granted an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Barnett was quoted as saying she's bewildered by the anger that's come her way since she decided to stop performing civil unions at her offices.

Her decision came out the day after the state Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages. Barnett has been criticized for the move. Activists said it was motivated by her religious beliefs, a topic that Barnett did not discuss with the LA Times.

Barnett has stated her decision to end the civil ceremonies was based on budget constraints and a lack of staff. She said she's just a county clerk trying to do her job and wasn't out to make a statement.

The county will begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses on Tuesday.