Condors Center Arrested On 4 Charges

A Bakersfield Condors player has been arrested on four charges, including child cruelty, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and resisting arrest.

According to the Bakersfield Police Department, Condors center Daniel LaPointe was drunk as he made his way to his neighbor’s apartment in the same complex in the 8000 block of Camino Media.

LaPointe grabbed a rock and threw it through the second-story bedroom window of his neighbor’s apartment.

The rock struck a woman in the head and the glass shattered all over her 3-month-old.

The male resident of the home, a fellow Condors player, heard banging on his door and looked out the window to an apparently drunk LaPointe, the BPD stated.

LaPointe not being let into the apartment, made his way back to his apartment and fell asleep.

BPD officers made their way into LaPointe's apartment and a struggle ensued between LaPointe and the officers.

An officer deployed a Taser and LaPointe was taken into custody.

LaPointe is slated to be arraigned Wednesday.

The Bakersfield Condors are a minor league ice hockey team that plays in the Pacific Division of the ECHL's National Conference.

According to the Condor's Web site, LaPointe was acquired by the Condors this year from Dayton.

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