Contractor Protests 'Shame On' Protesters

Man Uses Sign To Protest Protesters

You have most likely seen them standing with "Shame On" banners outside local businesses, and now one man is fighting back with his own sign.

23ABC received an email talking about Zeb Smith's sign that is now catching national attention.

Smith stood outside of Dewar's ice cream and candy shop with a sign that says, "Shame on these [expletives]," referring to the the companies that pay these protesters.

Smith said he's spent years watching these people standing around businesses with their signs protesting the businesses for using nonunion labor.

"I'm a nonunion contractor, and it's got to be irritating. They're attacking a fine institution like Dewars," Smith said.

Smith and his message have become an overnight sensation.

"I will go out of my way to make a point, especially if it's funny," Smith told 23ABC. "And when I was doing it, I was just trying to be funny, and it turned into a big deal, and now it's a movement."

He posted the pictures on his Facebook page and he said within minutes they had a dozen of likes and shares, and now they have been circulated around the world.

"What I realized was that I was saying what everybody wanted to say but just didn't say," Smith said.

Smith said the protesters even enjoyed his sign.

"They wanted to take pictures with me with their camera phones," Smith laughed as he told 23ABC.

Smith said he wanted to make it clear that his protest was not directed towards the people paid to stand and hold the banner.

"They are hired by a big political money machine that uses their money to bully people, and they bully people like me and I don't like it," Smith told 23ABC.

Smith said he has ordered more signs and a bigger banner and said he will be back out protesting the protesters.

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