Cosmetic Surgery South Of Border Turns Ugly

The bad economy mixed with the quest for beauty can turn ugly for some patients looking to save money on cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery is meant to enhance a patient’s looks and self confidence. But one local woman's experience did the exact opposite.

It was her dream to look better after child birth but now it turned out to be a nightmare in recovery.

As cosmetic surgeries decreased last year because of the weakened economy, the amount of unlicensed cosmetic surgery incidents doubled at the same time. These lead experts to believe that people wanting to save money are now going to less reputable unlicensed surgeons for cosmetic results.

A woman, who asked not to be named, who desired this change went to Mexico for her treatment. She said, “God lends us a body only once, and He allowed me to live. He provided this testimony so that others can make better choices.”

She wanted a tummy tuck and a breast lift, which most say is common for women who have recently given birth.

The woman wanted to save money and also wanted it done by someone she knew.

She was hoping to receive the same standard care that she would receive in the United States, but what she got was more problems.

The results of the operation resulted in scar formation from the surgery.

Dr. Vipul Dev, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, came in to repair the woman’s problems that were received while in Mexico.

The woman said she made a poor decision to have the surgery down in my Mexico where she was from. She continued saying she didn’t get an educated doctor and didn't ask the right questions.

Cosmetic surgery experts advise potential patients to do their homework in order to keep their quest for beauty from turning ugly, and only deal with licensed doctors.

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