Dog lodged in car's grill survives 11-mile ride

Dog ran in front of car

TAUNTON, Mass. - A dog survived an 11-mile ride from Massachusetts to Rhode Island -- at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour -- after it was hit by a car and became wedged under the front grill, authorities said.

   East Providence Animal Control supervisor William Muggle said the female poodle mix ran in front of the car in Taunton on Sept. 20. The driver slammed on the brakes, but didn't see the dog, so continued driving.

   Muggle told the Taunton Daily Gazette that it wasn't until the driver reached East Providence, R.I., that another motorist pointed out the dog.

   The driver went to the police station, where animal control officials freed the fluffy white pooch. The dog suffered a concussion and possibly a minor bladder rupture.

   Authorities are now trying to find its owner.

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