DNA Samples Now Taken From All Inmates With Felony Charges

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is now collecting DNA samples from the inmates that are arrested on a felony charge.

Sgt. Greg Gonzales of the KCSD said, “The idea behind the collection process is to build a database to help solve cold-case files and to develop a database for future cases."

The process as described by one of the inmates is very simple. He said “it’s painless, all they do is stick a swab in your mouth, move it around and that’s it.”

Sgt. Greg Romero said the collection is not meant to point fingers, but to simply protect crime victims.

Proposition 69 requires collection of DNA samples from:

  • Adults and juveniles convicted of any felony offense.
  • Adults and juveniles convicted of any sex offense or arson offense, or an attempt to commit such an offense (not just felonies)
  • adults arrested for or charged with felony sex offenses, murder, or voluntary manslaughter (or the attempt to commit such offenses)
  • Deputies said that the samples are taken to the Dept. of Justice in Richmond where they will then be translated into a file.

    Under Prop 69, one out of every $10 from court fees and traffic fines go to pay for the testing.

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