East High Teen Arrested After Soccer Fight

An East High teen was arrested and faces battery charges after a soccer fight erupted in the Central Section Division II Soccer Championship Thursday night.

Kern High School District's Director of Pupil Personnel Alan Paradise said Liam Hall of Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial High was punched by Ryan Woolley of East Bakersfield High during the championship game.

According to the coach of Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial, the fight was an isolated incident and the two had been aggressively battling the entire game.

The punch, however, landed Hall in Kern Medical Center with a possible broken jaw, the Fresno coach said.

Woolley was arrested on East High campus Friday and will be suspended, according to Paradise.

The coach also said Woolley tried to hit another Fresno player who was helping Hall.

ABC30 reported that the fight occurred after the end of regulation. They also reported that Woolley did hit another student and that Hall had a broken molar and was released by the hospital.

Woolley was taken to the Kern County Jail.