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Posted at 8:09 AM, Nov 03, 2020
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(7:06 AM) - Despite making little impact on the outcome of the presidential election, Kanye West hinted Wednesday that he plans to run again in 2024. The rapper turned politician said Wednesday morning that he intends to run for the presidency again in 2024, tweeting "KANYE 2024."

(6:06 AM) - Projected to win reelection to represent the Congressional 23rd District, Congressman Kevin McCarthy posted an acceptance message Wednesday morning.
In a post on social media, McCarthy said, "To the voters of 23rd district — I want to express my most sincere appreciation for the honor to represent our community in Congress. As your representative, I will continue to fight for commonsense solutions to restore our way of life, rebuild our economy, and renew the American dream for all."

(12:15 AM): The Associated Press is projecting that Joe Biden will win Arizona.


President Donald Trump speaks on election night.

23ABC's Bayan Wang interviews Rudy Salas and Eric Arias at the Democratic Watch Party.

23ABC Interview: Rudy Salas and Eric Arias

23ABC Interview: David Valadao (R) District 21

23ABC Interview: David Valadao (R) District 21

(11:03) - The battle for control of the Senate tightened Tuesday after Democrats picked up a seat in Colorado, but suffered a setback in Alabama. Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper defeated incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner, while ex-college football coach Tommy Tuberville won back Alabama’s Senate seat for the GOP, defeating Sen. Doug Jones.

(11:03 PM) ABC News is expecting for Democratic Candidate Joe Biden to take Minnesota.

(10:30 PM) ABC News is reporting that President Donald Trump will win Montana.

(10:20 PM) ABC News is projecting that Democratic candidate Joe Biden will win the state of Rhode Island.

(10:12 PM) According to the Associated Press, President Donald Trump is projected to win the state of Texas.

(10:08 PM) According to a report from ABC News, President Donald Trump is expected to take the state of Florida.

(10:02 PM) - President Donald Trump tweets that he will make a statement soon, adding that he believes that the election is being stolen. There is no evidence at this time of any widespread election or voting fraud. With an influx of mail-in voting, states are needing more time than usual to count ballots.

(8:31 PM) - Colorado voters rejected a ballot measure that, if passed, would have banned abortions in the state after the 22nd week of a woman’s pregnancy unless her life is at risk and potentially punished doctors who performed them.

(8:21 PM) - The first battleground state of the evening has been called with Biden taking the state of New Hampshire. It was a state Democrats won four years ago. Most other key battlegrounds remain in Trump's favor, but have not been called yet. An exception is Arizona, which would be a huge boost to Biden. If Biden hangs onto Arizona, Biden could likely afford to lose Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Michigan and still win.

(8:00 PM) - Polls are closed in Kern County as of 8 p.m. ABC News is projecting Joe Biden will win California, Oregon, and Washington states.

(7:43 PM) - ABC News is projecting that Democrats will retain control of the House.

(7:30 PM) - Joe Biden wins New Hampshire, Donald Trump wins Louisiana ABC News projects.

(7:12 PM) - Donald Trump is projected to win Kansas, the Associated Press reports.

(7:05 PM) - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will win the Senate race in Kentucky, ABC NewS projects.

(6:32 PM) - ABC News projects Donald Trump will win the state of Alabama, North Dakota, South Carolina, and South Dakota. Biden is projected to win Colorado and District of Columbia, AP reports.

(6:19 PM) - 25 states have been called so far, and Joe Biden holds a lead in the Electoral College race. A number of very close battleground states yet to be called.

(5:46 PM) - Arkansas has been called for President Donald Trump.

(5:35 PM) - States called so far:

Biden: Connecticut (7 Electoral College votes), Delaware (3), Illinois (20), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), New Jersey (14), Rhode Island (4), Vermont (3), Virginia (13)

Trump: Alabama (9), Kentucky (8), Mississippi (6), Oklahoma (7), South Carolina (9), Tennessee (11), West Virginia (5)

(5:13 PM) - The press office for the California Secretary of State told 23ABC News that they have had two complaints out of Kern County regarding voting. One has been resolved. The second one is being followed up on.

(5:11 PM) - A large number of polls in the eastern and central time zones closed at 8 p.m. ET. Trump picked up wins in South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Oklahoma; Biden won the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island. So far, no surprises.

(4:36 PM) - Virginia was called for Biden, marking the fourth straight election Democrats carried the state.

(4:30 PM) - Polls have closed in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio. North Carolina and Ohio are battleground states that are expected to take time to count. West Virginia was projected for Trump.

(4:21 PM) - According to ABC Exit Polling, voters divide on the most important issue in their vote for president. Of five issues listed, 34 percent in preliminary exit poll results say it’s the economy, 21 percent racial inequality, 18 percent the coronavirus pandemic, 11 percent crime and safety, and 11 percent health care policy. It’s important to note that two of these issues appeal more to Trump voters, vs. three that appeal more to Biden voters, so they have more places to go.

Most important issue:

  • The economy 34%
  • Racial inequality 21
  • The pandemic 18
  • Crime and safety 11
  • Health care policy 11

(4:19 PM) - President Trump will win Indiana, CNN projects. There are 11 electoral votes at stake in Indiana. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the 2020 presidential election. Who won in 2016: President Trump carried the state and won the general election.

(4:14 PM) - Polls are closed in six states (Vermont, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Indiana). As soon as polls closed, Vermont was called for Joe Biden and Donald Trump was declared the winner of Kentucky. The other states are either too close or too early to call.

(4:06 PM) - From the East Coast to the Midwest to the Southwest, Latinos will vote. A recent study showed that Latinos are more inclined to support Joe Biden. However, Latinos are not a monolithic group and there is support among Latinos to support the Republicans. There is a growing number of Latinos who support President Donald Trump. There are states like Florida, where the Cuban vote is behind President Trump and groups applaud his efforts to make America great again. It’s a diverse group that is made up of new citizens and first or second generation. Many Latinos are religious, devout Catholics, Christian, and Protestants.

(4:04 PM) - Talking to a wide range of Black voters Tuesday in South Carolina, the big topic on everyone’s mind is racial tension. “I kind of feel like it’s a lot going on. It’s kind of scary, now that I have kids. So I’m just hoping after today, a little changes,” a voter said.

(3:29 PM) - Election Night, no matter how late it goes, usually includes a speech or two from the candidates. This year, with an overwhelming number of mail-in ballots and warnings it could take longer for state’s results to be announced, there may not be any speeches. During a stop at his campaign headquarters, President Donald Trump said he was not thinking about any speeches Tuesday night yet.

(3:25 PM) - AP VoteCast found roughly two-thirds of voters said their opinion of President Donald Trump — either for or against — was what drove their choice in the election. Only about a third said the same of his Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. The expansive poll showed that roughly 4 in 10 voters said the pandemic was the top priority facing the country. The economy followed close behind, with about 3 in 10 naming it as the most pressing issue.

(12:32 PM) - Philadelphia is the most populous city in a battleground state, and there is a lot of attention being paid to its polling locations Tuesday. Of the 25 complaints of potential polling place or Election Day concerns the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office received by noon ET on Tuesday, 21 were already resolved. The Philadelphia District Attorney responded on social media to a concern shared by Trump’s Election Day operations director. “Members of our Election Task Force have investigated this allegation." the tweet reads. "This tweet is deliberately deceptive.”

(11:52 AM) - There is no doubt that this year's general election is unlike anything the country has experienced in the past. Tensions and anxiety are running high. Many will undoubtedly run into problems trying to cast their vote — be it long lines, language barriers, or intimidation tactics. Here is what you should know if you feel you are a victim of voter intimidation.

(11:02 AM) - It's not just Americans who are obsessed with the presidential election. Gamblers abroad are wagering a record amount of money on the contest, dwarfing the amounts placed on any sporting event or previous political race. Bettors abroad are wagering record amounts on the U.S. election, likely making it the biggest betting event in history. Newsy's Ben Schamisso explains the trend.

(10:44 AM) - A U.S. District Judge has ordered that the USPS conduct a sweep of several mail sorting facilities on Tuesday to ensure that all mail-in ballots will be promptly delivered to state election boards. According to The Hill and The Daily Beast, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of U.S. District Court for D.C. ordered that the USPS conduct sweeps at select mail sorting facilities between 12:30 p.m. ET and 3 p.m. ET to ensure "no ballots have been held up." Any ballots discovered in the sweet are to be immediately sent to election officials in the state.

(10:35 AM) - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 adults living in the United States have a disability. So what’s being done to make sure polling places are accessible in today’s election? 23ABC's Kallyn Hobmann takes a look.

(10:34 AM) - (AP) - California Democrats are in no danger of losing control of the state Legislature and may even expand their supermajorities after votes are tallied. But incumbents in the 80-member Assembly and 40-member Senate aren’t invulnerable.

(9:35 AM) - Tuesday is the day we've been telling you about for quite some time. The general election is finally here and hundreds of voters rushed into the Kern County Elections office Monday to get their votes counted in time for Tuesday. Political analysts Christian Romo with the Kern County Central Committee and Matthew Martin with the Kern County Republican Party talk about what to expect.

(9:25 AM) - On Election Day some voters may be more prepared than others. If you have yet to turn in your ballot, there are still ways to exercise your civic right. 23ABC's Kristin Vartan has a look at how you can still register to vote.

(8:40 AM) - After the polls close on Election Night, ABC News and the other major networks will start projecting winners and “calling” races, in some cases well before the official vote counts are finalized. They’ll do it by relying on data from a New Jersey-based company called Edison Research. Find out how Edison Research decides.

(8:35 AM) - The lines are long, the anxiety is high. Election 2020 looks and feels a lot different, doesn’t it? The influx of ads all over your TV, the outpouring of robotexts to your phone—the candidates, going back and forth. Deep breaths, everyone. Election 2020 is technically almost over. Here are some tips on how to deal with election anxiety if your candidate loses.

(8:08 AM) - (AP) - California’s election is coming to a close as last-minute voters don face masks to cast their ballots at polling places. The coronavirus pandemic has transformed Election Day into election month for many places in California. County election officials mailed ballots to all active registered voters for the first time this year to encourage them to avoid in-person polling places during the pandemic. There’s little drama at the top of the ticket, where Democrat Joe Biden is expected to easily win the state’s 55 electoral votes. Voters are also deciding the fate of a dozen ballot measures and some closely contested U.S. House races.

(8:00 AM) - (AP) - Election Day is finally upon the U.S. Or at least what America still calls Election Day, since nearly 100 million people have already cast ballots in the election between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. That’s the result of an election system that has been reshaped by the worst pandemic in a century, prompting many voters to take advantage of advance voting rather than head to polling places in person at a time when coronavirus cases are rising. Both candidates are offering voters divergent visions for how to tackle the pandemic and other pressing challenges.