Governor Candidate Upset Over Misspelled Name

State Voter Guide Misspells Peace and Freedom Candidate's Name

There are 23 candidates for governor on the June 8th ballot, including one Kern County resident. The local Peace & Freedom party chairman is concerned his campaign for his party's nomination could be lost because of a typo.

Mohammad Arif is a local businessman who is making his second run to be the governor of California, the first coming during the 2003 recall election when he lived in Los Angeles. But there's just one problem this time around, his name.

"One of my friend told me that, 'your name is misspelled,'" Arif said on Wednesday.

Instead of an "a" the official voter guide spells Mohammad with an "e."

"I know this is not a deliberate mistake, this is an innocent mistake, but i'm frustrated," Arif said. "Of course I am angry. Because this matter is going to give me negative marks."

It's a negative, says Arif, because you can't find any information on him when searching the misspelled name online.

"And these people have got nothing to do with me," Arif says of the links and videos found when searching the misspelled name.

The misspelling, according to the Secretary of State's Office, is only in the the voter information guide, not on any ballots which have already gone out to absentee voters. A spokesperson for the department also says there was plenty of time for the candidate to catch this mistake.

"The Secretary of State's Office proof reads the guide many times, but from time to time there is an error or something a candidate objects to," spokeswoman Shannan Velayas said. "Which is why the law provides three weeks for any Californian to take issue with anything in the guide."

The misspelling has been fixed online, but nothing can be done about the 10 million mailers sent to voters' homes.

"This is unfortunate," Arif said. "I would expect them to send out some kind of correction letter along with this (the voter guide)."

The Secretary of State's Office says that won't happen because that's what the public review period was for.

No matter the resolution, it's a typo Arif believes will only hurt his chances at winning the Peace & Freedom Party's nomination.

"This thing is directly hurting me, it is going to cost my election," Arif said.

To find Arif's correct information, you can visit his Websites: or

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