Grapevine Remains Closed Due To Snow

Several inches of snow fell in Kern County's mountains Wednesday closing the Tejon Pass over the Grapevine Wednesday, which still continues into Thursday.

Officials said the north and southbound lanes of the Grapevine (Interstate 5) have been closed for more than 14 hours, stranding many drivers. Southbound lanes are closed at Grapevine Road, which is at the base of the Grapevine in the southern San Joaquin Valley.

Highways 58 and 166 are open. Highway 166 was closed in both directions all the way from to Highway 33 in Maricopa to Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County.

Highway 178 over Walker Pass remains open, but chains are required.

Bakersfield traffic has also been affected with southbound Highway 99 clogged in the morning hours.

"I was sure to call my parents before they left for work to take a different route to the downtown area," said Janet Mills of Bakersfield. She said she was estatic for once to be going in the opposite direction of a traffic jam. "I was just happy I was headed northbound passing all those people stuck in traffic heading south."

In the meantime, a lot of people have taken the time to enjoy the winter weather from the snow that has fallen in the Frazier Park and Tehachapi area.

Some people usually don't look to get a day off work. Don't tell that to the families who had a good excuse to take the day off and play around in the snow Wednesday.

Some even worked in the snow. Julie Sandeen's goal was to take some of the fresh powder south to Santa Clarita for a youth event at her church Wednesday night.

“Definitely don’t get this in Santa Clarita,” Sandeen said.

Officials Thursday said they want snow tourists to enjoy snow the legal way.

Deputies in Tehachapi said they will be handing out citations and even towing away cars if they spot anyone tresspassing in backyards.

Property rights of land owners outweigh snow play, officials added.