Dad hijacks daughter's hilarious backseat selfie session

One dad hijacked his daughter's selfie session - by secretly taping a behind-the-scenes look.

Rob Beckam was driving when he noticed his 13-year-old daughter Skylar taking a wildly animated series of selfies. That's when he got out his own cell phone and recorded it.

"It made me crack up laughing," Beckham said.

"She's like 'Dad, I look like a goofball!' and I said 'Of course you do. That's why I taped it,'" Beckham said.

Skylar told ABC News she probably takes about 50 selfies a day, but this taught her a valuable lesson.

"If you're trying to take embarrassing pictures try to make sure your parents aren't recording, because this could happen to you," Skylar said.



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