Girl forges note to teacher says homework is slowly killing her

In school, the idea of trying to get out of doing homework was a continual task by many. Either one would fake being sick or even the ever popular, "my dog ate it," would come as an excuse, but one girl took her excuse to the extreme.

A user of the popular site, uploaded an image of a great attempt by a young girl trying to get out of doing her homework.

In her letter, the girl wrote:

Dear (Teacher's name removed),

(Student's name removed) has a condition that makes it so when she does homework it slowly kills her please do not send home any more homework

                                                                                    Sighned (sic) (Illegible)

The teacher appeared to be amused as she wrote back on the same submitted form to the parents of the student.

The teacher responded with:

Dear (Names removed),

I received this from (student's name removed) on Friday 9/21/12 and got a chuckle from it. I thought you'd enjoy it and should know. She turned in the completed homework today. :)

                                                                                  Thank You!
                                                                                  Miss (name removed)

What is the best and or worse excuse you've ever given for not doing your homework?

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