Is There A Bird Poop Problem In Delano?

People in Delano are up in arms over the growing problem with birds and the droppings they leave behind.

Some residents said Monday that they feel like they're living in the movie "The Birds."

They said, every night the sky is covered with flocks of crows, and their streets, parking lots and shopping centers are turning from black to white from the massive amounts of bird droppings the crows leave behind.

Residents said the poop problem is getting worse every year.

They said they need to get their shopping done, but they have to get to the store before the birds come at night and "bomb" their cars.

In addition to the mess, some residents are concerned that the pileup could create health problems.

City officials said there is no department designated to cleaning up after Mother Nature, but no matter who is in charge, residents want the act cleaned up.

City officials said they’ve heard about the issue before, but they can't come up with a solution everyone will agree with.