2 the Test: Free apps that pay you

Do apps promising to pay cash really pay off

From scores to crafts, there's an app for that. 

We even found apps promising to pay. Sound too good to be true?

We wondered too, so we downloaded the free apps and did a little digging.

We found Donna Baraga near Denver. She uses an app called Gigwalk and made more than $100 in one weekend.

"When you get $15, $15, $15 it adds up," she said.
How'd she do it?

Pretty simple, she found a "gig" in her area. These are often small jobs that involve checking product displays and pricing in local stores.

She accepted the "gig" and went to work.

For the past several weeks, we've checked that same app for "gigs" in the Tulsa area and found nothing.  That is, until just a few days ago.

Gigwalk co-founder Ariel Seidman told us via Skype the app will begin adding more "gigs" in Tulsa over the next several weeks.

"The company posting these gigs is Microsoft and they're looking for photos of great local bars, cafes and restaurants across the Tulsa area," said Seidman.
Gigwalk isn't the only app promising to pay. We found several others offering similar small jobs for easy cash.

Tulsan Mike Abbey volunteered to let us follow him through the stores as he tested an app called Field Agent.  

Find out if the Field Agent app works when the second part of our story here on KJRH.com in a couple of weeks. Plus we'll have more on the new "gigs" from Gigwalk available in the Tulsa area.

Want to know more about these apps and others that pay? Here's a look at 10 of them including Gigwalk and Field Agent.


iPoll - Take a local poll and share your opinion through a quick poll. Go to one of the locations listed on your device and rate your dining, shopping, movie, and other experiences. Answer a few quick questions about the food, customer service, or atmosphere, and get paid for your opinion. http://bit.ly/ipollitunes and http://bit.ly/ ipollandroid

Survey - Earn cash by taking short surveys on your smartphone. Surveys range across a variety of topics, and your opinions will help guide companies in the products and services they provide. http://bit.ly/surveyitunes and http://bit.ly/surveyandroid

Gigwalk - Get paid while building your professional profile. You can connect with businesses looking to get local contract work done. Build a great profile on the app for your chance to find local contract work with thousands of businesses. Gigs range from $6 to $220 and are available across the US. Only available in iTunes - http://bit.ly/gigwalkitunes

WeReward - Find a business, follow the instructions and earn points. Each point is worth a penny. You can turn your points in to cash via PayPal. WeReward ties in to all of your favorite social media apps including Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. http://bit.ly/werewarditunes and http://bit.ly/werewardandroid

EasyShift - Assignments or Shifts are little jobs that only take a minute or two to complete, and you’ll discover them everywhere: at the grocery store, at the mall, getting gas, at the movies, getting coffee...even while you read the paper or walk the dog. When a shift is complete, the app verifies its accuracy and pays you securely via PayPal. As you complete Shifts, you’ll unlock higher paying opportunities and other valuable perks. Only available in iTunes - http://bit.ly/easyshiftitunes.

Mobile Rewards - Users earn credits, redeemable for cash by completing simple tasks such as: watching a Youtube video, signing up for a free service or even just for mentioning a product on Facebook. Only available in iTunes - http://bit.ly/mobilerewardsitunes.

CheckPoints - When you’re out shopping, scan barcodes on products and earn points toward prizes. Redeem points for rewards like iTunes and Amazon.com gift cards, Alaska airline miles, gadgets like popular tablets and gaming systems, and even donations to charities. http://bit.ly/checkitunes and http://bit.ly/checkandroid.

Field Agent – Claims to have paid more than $1.8M to thousands of “Agents.” Jobs are small assignments you can complete at places you go every day like your local grocery store. They’ll pay you for collecting information like photos or product information for our clients all over the world. Jobs typically pay between $2 and $12 each. Only available in iTunes - http://bit.ly/fieldagentitunes.

Surveys - Surveys on the Go® pays from $0.25 to $5 cash for your opinions, usually $1. You’ll be sent a notification when there’s a paid survey waiting for you. You’ll be able to: Rank courtroom, political and consumer advertising or videos, score graphics and outdoor billboards, give your opinions about the major issues of the day all while you’re getting paid. http://bit.ly/surveysitunes and http://bit.ly/surveysandroid.

iSecretShop - Register as an Agent and the iSecretshop app will show you which restaurants, retailers and other businesses in your area are looking for input from "secret shoppers." You discreetly complete an evaluation using the ISS application (think Secret Agent: gathering information, taking pictures of messy facilities, beautiful food, etc) then, send it back instantly through the iPhone. When you are finished, you'll get paid (cash, meal and purchase reimbursements, Buy-One-Get-One-Free Coupons and more)! Only available in iTunes - http://bit.ly/isecretshopitunes.


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