Animal hoarder may have opened another rescue

Kimi Peck promotes new rescue on Facebook


Serial animal hoarder Kimi Peck has opened another, what she calls, animal rescue.

23ABC has been following Peck since 2009, when her neighbors in Tehachapi started complaining about all the dogs on her property.

When it was over, Peck surrendered more than a hundred animals and said she'd never run another animal rescue again.

A Facebook page has Southern California animal activists up in arms.

It’s for Chihuahua Rescue Beverly Hills. It claims to rescue sick and unwanted Chihuahuas. The page says the rescue was founded by Peck, and there is a link to her website.

"The websites are still up collecting cash and dogs asking for sponsorship of dogs," said animal activist Julie Feiner.

Feiner said she was duped by Peck in the past and is afraid for any animals Peck might be caring for.

Peck ran a dog rescue in Tehachapi that was shut down by the county. The Humane Society said it took 150 dogs from the home in July 2010.

"They have nightmares today about what they witnessed there -- the complete lack of veterinary care, very horrific conditions where the animals never leave the cages," Feiner said.

When those dogs were taken more than two years ago, Peck insisted she wouldn't open another rescue.

"Never. I will never ever get back into animal rescue again," Peck said.

"Since 1997, she has been legally forced to shut down eight of her rescue kennels," Feiner said.

We checked with the city of Beverly Hills to see if Peck had in fact opened a rescue there.

Officials said that kind of thing is illegal in their city and no one by that name has applied for or registered anything with them.

"Where in Beverly Hills is this rescue group? She doesn't even have a licensed kennel," Feiner said.

23ABC made repeated attempts to contact Peck for this story. So far she hasn't responded.

Officials with the city of Beverly Hills said now that we have alerted them to the Facebook page, they will be on the lookout for Peck.

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