Baby is found walking alone, miles from his home in west Bakersfield

Mother, Cassie Hart is arrested and charged

BAKERSFIELD - A two-year old boy is home safe and his mother in police custody after he was found walking alone miles from his house. 

We first brought you the story during our 6 p.m. newscast Friday.

Imagine getting home and finding a toddler standing in your driveway barefoot with no adult or no parent around, just the baby and his dog.

Abby Lubben and her father, Garrett came home to a big surprise.

 “We drove up and we see a little kid by the gate by our dogs and then he went to the garage and he just started playing in the grass with his dog and that’s when we got out and started to make sure he was okay,” said Lubben.

The Lubben’s started searching the neighborhood and called the sheriff’s office to report they found a baby in their front yard.

“So, I was like, quiet let me speak – where’s your mommy? I was trying to speak in his terms.  Daddy? Grammy? Papa? And he just kept walking to my xbox saying xbox,” said Shelley Lubben, who lives at the home where the baby was found.

They say it appeared the baby had been out doors for hours.  They found him dirty and say his face had a scratch.

“Minutes later the sheriff ended up really quickly at our house and we’re really grateful for that response and he had notified us that was a missing toddler as well and then we realized that it was almost a half a mile away from our house across one really busy street,” said Garrett Lubben who first saw the baby.

According to investigators the boy’s mother is Kassie Hart, 28.  Officers arrested her for felony child endangerment and public intoxication.  Hart has two prior DUI’s.  The Lubben family say they just want to get her help.

“I know, she did not want to hurt her son like this but she did so I’m willing to help her.  No problem and he was so thankful. He said really? And I said no really. I will get her into any program you want because she would never hurt her son if she herself wasn’t hurt,” she said.

A member of Kassie Hart’s family came by the house to pick up the two year old’s dog and had this to say about the situation.

“I know he went out the back gate and that’s what I thought, he’s got to be back there and I drove up and down, my wife was driving up and down and then they finally called me and said no he’s been found,” he said.

The Lubben family says they are happy the baby ended up at their house because helping people is what they do for a living.  Shelley Lubben heads up the Pink Cross Foundation.  Meanwhile, the baby is now in the custody of his grandparents.

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