Bakersfield College students held a rally to support California's Proposition 30


As Election Day nears, students rallied on the Bakersfield College campus in support of Proposition 30.

Thursday's rally was organized by student government at Bakersfield College.

Student organizers say it’s important that college students are informed about Prop 30 because the outcome directly affects their future.

"To educate students about the effects prop 30 would have on our campus," Danitza Romo of the BC Student Government Association.

Prop 30 would raise taxes for four years to help fund schools and higher education.

"The tax hike is temporary and its going to go back to community colleges it’s going to fund what I believe to be the heart of education," Romo said.

Those against Prop 30 say residents are already taxed enough and that Prop 30 doesn't make any reforms to state spending to go along with higher taxes.

Supporters say its passage is critical to the future of higher education in California.

“The California community college is such an important system," Romo said.

The BC Student Government Association hopes students will take this opportunity to take charge of their own lives.

People on both sides of Prop 30 plan to work through the weekend and right up to Election Day.

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