Bakersfield College students worry about future if Prop 30 fails

Opponents say taxes already too high


23ABC spoke to Bakersfield College students about prop 30 Tuesday.

Prop 30 supporters said the measure will ask the wealthiest Californians to pay more in taxes to prevent deep cuts in education.

It would also raise sales taxes for four years.

The state says it would generate $6 billion in revenue every year for the next few years.

Those against prop 30 say the sales tax portion of the measure will raise prices on everyday items like gas.

Opponents also say the politicians can spend the money on anything they want and the taxpayers will never know where the money went.

Students worry what will happen to their education if prop 30 fails.

“I support prop 30 and our teachers on campus because if it doesn’t pass we are going to lose a lot of funding for our programs here and a lot of kids aren't going to be able to go to college,” said Bakersfield College student Jessica Waldrop.

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