Bakersfield gamers spend 12 hours playing video games and raising money

Fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network


Many people spent part of their weekend playing video games for 12 straight hours and it was all for a good cause.  Gamers played more than 300 video games on the CSUB campus.  The school ranks 99 out of 2,100 teams nationwide.  The players are raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  How it works is gamers ask their friends or family members to sponsor their efforts.  They either make a monthly pledge or a one-time gift and then all they have to do is have a seat and play games for 12 hours.

“Gamers historically have been a very generous group as far as donating to charities and holding events to raise funds and this is one of the most significant, fastest growing over the last five years," said Edward Webb, organizer of the event.

Since 2008, players have raised more than $2 million in the video game marathon.

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