Bakersfield man dies after being hit by pickup truck

Bakersfield Police investigate fatal car crash

BAKERSFIELD - A man is dead after he was hit by a pickup truck on Brundage Lane in central Bakersfield.

It all happened on the intersection of Brundage Lane and South H Street just after 7 p.m. Friday.  Officers on the scene say an adult male was hit by a full-size pickup driven by Sukdevh Singh Gill, 55, of Bakersfield.  Gill was traveling east bound on Brundage, heading towards H.

The victim was transported to Kern Medical Center and later died. 

Alcohol does not seem to be a factor in the accident.  It’s also unclear how fast the driver was going when he hit the man.

"There was one point where someone reported it as a hit and run, but the driver pulled over into the parking lot at the AM/PM and stood by for us," said Sgt. Matt Eastman.

Officers close a part of Brundage street earlier this evening while they investigated.

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