Bakersfield Rescue Mission continues to help hundreds of people

Mission Celebrates 60th anniversary

BAKERSFIELD - Hundreds of people in our community are coming together and celebrating the work of the Bakersfield Rescue Mission.  It’s turning 60 and continues to have a huge impact on many people.

Jesse Stoll of Bakersfield spent years battling addiction.

"I like to tell people, I was pre-homeless.  I definitely was really close," he said.

Stoll struggled in and out of programs and couldn’t find a way out.

"I had a great career at one point, but I left that to enter treatment at one point as well and I didn't work out as much I thought it would I just went from different job to different job," he said

Now, he’s a volunteer giving back to the same organization getting him back on his feet.

"I've seen hundreds of gentleman who come to the Rescue Mission in dire need, emergency shelter, food and the Rescue Mission is always there," he said.

Staying focus on their mission is something leaders with the group say has helped keep their doors open for sixty years.

"We have kept to what our founding father wanted to do and that is to feed the homeless, the folks that are down and out and addicted to drugs and alcohol," said Carlos Baldovinos, executive director of the Bakersfield Rescue Mission.

The Bakersfield Rescue Mission provides hope and spiritual restoration to more than 300 people every day.  They hope to continue providing hot meals, shelter and services for years to come.

"There's still a great need.  We're still in a real bad economic down turn and there's still a great need in this community and throughout our nation," said Baldovinos.

The Bakersfield Rescue Mission also provides classes so residents can earn a GED.  Stoll has four months left in his program and then plans to focus on finding full-time work.

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