Bakersfield's historic Jastro House in jeopardy of being demolished

Current owner and museum have financial setbacks


The historic Jastro House in downtown Bakersfield may be moved or demolished.

The house was built more than 130 years ago. It was originally owned by Henry Jastro, the son-in-law of Colonel Thomas Baker who was the founder of Bakersfield.

The two-story, Gothic Victorian house was bought by Bakersfield attorney Bill Alexander in 2010. Alexander's office is next door to the Jastro House. His plan was to restore it.

Alexander says estimates show it would cost $400,000 to $600,000 to restore the house. Because that is so high, Alexander hopes to donate the house to the Kern County Museum.

But, the museum is also facing its own budget constraint since it just switched from a public to private entity.

If no one accepts the home, Alexander said he will ask for permission to demolish it. The Kern County Museum Board of Directors will meet Monday to weigh their options.

If the museum accepts the house, a plan to relocate it would have to be approved by the county.

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