Couple says SolarCity won't repair their leased and broken solar panel system despite guarantee

Couple has difficulty getting customer service

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Mary and Jerry Gambill have had their home solar panel system for nearly two years.

It was producing enough energy to power the whole house and bank leftover energy, until recently.

"We're making about 20 kilowatt hours a day. And that's about enough to power the refrigerator and the freezer and that's it," said Mary Gambill.

Mary Gambill said the problem started in June.

"You can tell one inverter is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, the other is working at half capacity," said Mary Gambill.

The couple says they tried repeatedly to get SolarCity, whom they lease the system from, to come and check the system.

"We'll call them up and they say they'll send somebody out and they never do. We call them up they say we'll call you back and they never do," said Jerry Gambill.

The Gambills said they paid $13,000 up front to for a 15 year lease.

"The reason why we leased it outright instead of buying it was because (SolarCity) would monitor it and we would have 100 percent maintenance coverage on it so if anything went wrong they would come out and repair it," said Jerry Gambill.

"I would love for them to come out and at least check it," said Mary Gambill.

Feeling like they've been cheated, the Gambills called 23 ABC, which then called SolarCity.

"We always want to give customers the best service we can and certainly regret any inconvenience or misunderstandings there may have been regarding our efforts to serve their system," said SolarCity public relations manager Will Craven.

Within an hour of 23 ABC's initial call to SolarCity, the Gambills got their appointment for service.

"We guarantee the performance of that system and if that performance falls short of our guarantee, we will compensate the customer for the difference," said Craven.

After speaking to Craven, 23 ABC spoke to the Gambills who confirmed they have an appointment with a SolarCity technician to come to their house first thing Monday morning.





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