Bakersfield's own haunted hotel features ghosts, giggles and reappearing handprints

Padre Hotel features ghosts and giggles

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Once night falls at the Padre hotel, glitz and glamour transforms into ghosts of grandeur.

As guests sometimes see and often hear the giggles of ghostly children.
"There was a fire up on the 7th floor in the 1950's. People got trapped up there and died up there. And then in the earthquake, there was damage in basement that some people and children got trapped down there," said Nick Soberano.

While the tragedies are long gone, the ghosts remain.

Especially of a little girl dressed in white.

"Several of the housekeepers have said when they are up here vacuuming the floors or working, they'll feel a presence and they'll look and they've seen a little girl in 1920's or 30's clothing with a hat and gloves resting on the banister and watching them," said hotel sales manager Jessica Neeley.

"You catch her out of the corner of your eye, she giggles and runs down the stairs," said hotel employee Mark Paddock.

But she's not afraid to make her mark on a wooden panel at the hotel's cafe.

"We've tried repainting it, sanding it, varnishing it but as you can see overtime we try to do something to get rid of it it just pops right back up," said Paddock.

Although the entire hotel is said to be haunted, there's one floor that seems to have the most ghost encounters and that's the 7th floor.

Particularly room 704.

"I walked through (the room) towards the bathroom and you know how you feel like someone's behind you? I turned around and there was nothing and so I continued to walk around and I heard rustling like something was moving behind the curtains. So once I turned around the curtains were completely still and there was nothing in here," said Neeley.

Was it the little girl or the hotel's other ghostly guests? We dare you to see for yourself....

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