Bakersfield girl helps raise hundreds of dollars for Ronald McDonald House

10-year-old uses texting to raise funds

People in several communities are helping raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.  Among the participants is a 10-year-old Bakersfield girl who beat out several adults, becoming the person with the highest raised amount for the fundraiser.

The Ronald McDonald house helps meet the needs of many families of pediatric patients at hospitals nationwide and during their annual Walk for Kids even the youngest person comes out a star.

Mia Karraker, 10, is familiar with how important the Ronald McDonald House is to many families including her own.

"Sebastian was in need of all the money because he had a lot open heart surgeries, he was very sad," she said.

While her cousin was in the hospital, Mia and her family paid him several visits and she soon realized how she wanted to help keep services running for other families.

"I'm excited because I helped Sebastian and knowing that it was for a good cause made me really happy," said Karraker

For the second year in a row, Mia participated in Walk for Kids, raising much needed funds for Ronald McDonald House charities.

"I was sending the text messages to my friend and family, if they may donate to Sebastian," he said.

And it worked as Mia raised more than one-thousand-three-hundred dollars.

"You're never too young to make a difference in this world," said mother, Skyla Karraker.

Mia contacted everyone she knew and even followed-up several times as she collected her funds.

"I'm very proud of her, I think she put a lot of hard work and dedication into the charity, it was very special to her," she said.

Mia's mom says she learning about hard work and dedication and learning to give back to her own community.

"I think she learned that charities are important and I think being that she visited them at the hospital and seeing first-hand how important charities are, how her aunt and uncle might not been able to have that better experience being right across the street from the hospital.  I think she's learning to be responsible at the age 10," she said.

Mia spent two months fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House and says she will start even early for next year.

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