BC rally on Prop. 30; increases or cuts on educational institutions

Prop. 30: Cuts of $6B to educational institutions


The Bakersfield College Student Government Association will hold an informational rally on Proposition 30 from 12:30-1 p.m. in the Free Speech Area at Bakersfield College on Thursday, Nov. 1.
Information on the effects of Proposition 30 on Bakersfield College, in passing and not passing scenarios, will be discussed by speakers.
Proposition 30 asks voters to approve temporary tax increases.  If voters do not approve Prop. 30, then the budget has required 'trigger cuts' of $6 billion, mainly to K-12 education, community colleges, and public universities.
Click here for more information on Proposition 30. For more information on all California State Propositions, visit the Election 2012 page on turnto23.com.
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