Benz Sanitation owner arrested for filing a false claim

Benz Headquarters raided, seized files and records

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - Paul Michael Benz of Benz Sanitation was arrested for filing a false claim.

Back in March, The Department of Justice ordered the Ridgecrest Police to raid the Benz headquarters in Tehachapi.

According to the Ridgecrest Daily Independent, they seized files and records related to alleged fraud and grand theft.

There has been a pending civil case between Benz Sanitation and the City of Ridgecrest since 2010.

The city had previously requested to view Benz's business records in an effort to prove that the company had been dumping Los Angeles waste in Ridgecrest city limits and then charging them for it.

There is no word on whether the raid had anything to do with that request or if it was regarding a separate matter.

Benz will be arraigned in court on Friday, Sept. 28.

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