Best places for gas in town

Lowest recorded gas is at $4.29

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - With gas prices surging, hitting record-high amounts, the lowest--and highest--prices are spread evenly throughout Bakersfield, according to Gas Buddy.

The lowest price recorded in Bakersfield is $4.29.  Two locations offer gas at this price: Costco at 4900 Panama Lane in South Bakersfield and Sam's Club at 5625 Gosford Road in West Bakersfield.

Central Bakersfield's lowest priced gas comes in at $4.39 at a Mobil station at 402 South Chester.

Down the highway from one of the cheapest stations at 29541 Stockdale Highway, the most expensive gas is offered at a Shell for $5.39.

With the second highest gas price down the road at 7-Eleven on 9600 Brimhall Road for $5.11 a gallon.

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