BFD observes fire prevention week

BFD encourages homes to practice safety routes


The Bakersfield Fire Department is observing Fire Prevention Week Oct. 7 through Oct. 13.  This year's theme is "Have two ways out".
The fire department encourages all citizens to practice home fire safety and fire escape planning.
Over the last ten years, 80 percent of deaths and injuries caused by fire occurred in residential structures.  During this ten year period, approximately 3,000 people died each year and 14,000 were injured nationwide.  Many of the deaths and injuries occurred in the bedroom or other sleeping areas.
Officials have stated five ways people can prepare for a fire.
1. Early warning from a smoke alarm provides greatest opportunities for safe escape.  Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home and near sleeping areas.
2. Develop and practice an escape plan with your family and designate a meeting place for all family members.
3. Make sure every member of your family has at least two escape routes from their bedroom.
4. Your escape plan should include assistance to children and the elderly.
5. In case of a fire, stay low to the ground beneath the smoke.  Exit the structure as quickly as possible and then call 911.  After you have exited safely, do not re-enter the structure.  Smoke produced by the fire is toxic and oxygen levels are reduced. Exposure to super heated gasses can cause life threatening burns to the skin and respiratory tract.


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