BPD returns phones with videos related to David Silva beating to KCSO after 4 days of investigation


The Bakersfield Police Department has returned cell phones and content regarding the beating of David Silva after reportedly having the evidence for four days now.
On May 10, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office asked the Bakersfield Police Department to conduct a forensic examination on two cellular telephones that they had seized as the result of their investigation into an in-custody death.
A Bakersfield police detective was assigned to and began his forensic examination of the cellular telephones on May 10.
On May 14, 2013, the cellular telephones and the data that the BPD detective had copied from the phones were given back to the KCSO. The cellular telephones were returned in the same condition, with the same contents intact, as the phones were when they were provided to the BPD detective. The forensic examination of the cellular telephones does not corrupt the original contents of the phones in any way.
The Bakersfield Police Department will maintain a digital copy of the contents of the cellular telephones as we would in any investigation in order to maintain the integrity of the examination. The BPD forensic examination into the contents of the cellular telephones is continuing and will be provided to the KCSO when that examination is completed.
At the request of the KCSO please direct any further inquiries into this investigation to the Sheriff’s Office.
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