California company opens first supercharging station

Charging your $100,000 electrical car is easier

BAKERSFIELD - Telsa Motors, the California-based electric car maker is marking a major milestone and helping to improve the way some people drive on the road.

If you own or are planning to buy an electric vehicle, the worry of taking a long road trip may be over now that Tesla Motors has opened the very first supercharging station right here in California.

Hugh McMahon never thought of owning an electric vehicle.

"It’s just something that’s not exciting,” he said.

But now the Model S has him changing his tone.

"This could be a transformational moment in automotive history,” he said.

Tesla Motors opened one of the first supercharging stations for electrical cars and designers say driving long distances will now be a breeze.

"That technology will be able to grow in scale and grow in scope and then eventually you’re going to see this technology in more affordable vehicles, vehicles that really fit for everyone and that’s why I see this as a transformational moment,” said McMahon.

The supercharger stations are being strategically put throughout California, Arizona and Nevada, providing a 50 percent charge in just thirty minutes.

"We've taken the elements of the electric system and the car has great performance unlike any other car.  It’s zero to sixty times, around 4 seconds in an 85 per hour packed with 5 adults and it handles like any of its competitors and its equally priced," said chief designer, Franz Von Holzhausen.

Each station will be connected to a solar power system designed to generate more energy than is consumed by vehicles using the supercharger.  This results in a positive transfer of sunlight-generated power back to the electrical grid.

"We designed model S to actually be able to super charge which means pouring al lot of electricity into the car at a very high rate and that takes the inconvenient out of traveling basically," he said.

In case you’re wondering the price for one of those model s cars is about $100,000.

By the way that charging station is located in Tejon Ranch.


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