Church Inc. closed its doors

New ministry takes over building

OILDALE, Calif. - After Church Inc. shut its doors earlier this year, many held on by faith it would not be permanent.

"I was drawn to this area to what Pastor Eddie used to speak," said Tami Willims, church member.

Way of Faith Ministries re-opened the building in July and aims to prayerfully support the destitute and drug abused by encouraging the heart.

"People have tried certain aspects of trying to recover in their lives, but their recovery doesn't go as planned and discouragement takes over," said Jason Hanby, pastor of Way of Faith Ministries.

For more than two years Church Inc. actively helped the homeless and those needing support staying off of drugs. After the pastor stepped down, many had nowhere else to turn.

"People were lost. It was like sheep without a shepherd when he left here," said Tami Willims.

The ministry operates out of the same building with a different church name, but the same vision to help the needy in Oildale.

"I am excited to see what God can do in their area still. He hasn't given up on this area, so I don't see why I should either," said Hanby.

Way of Faith has picked up the torch of faith to make a difference in the community.

"The doors are still open; we still welcome everybody with open arms. We know that there is much power and anointing on pastor Jason’s life and great things are going to come to this area," said Willims.

The church meets on Friday nights and brought in a special international guest speaker, Jeff Backer, for its inaugural kickoff.

"He has hosted Trinity Broadcasting Network on several occasions. He's a very powerful man of God with a healing and miracle ministry," said Hanby.


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