Classroom Fundraiser Kicks Off

Jayme Melton is raising money for new equpiment

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Cuts in funding are forcing teachers to get creative to make sure their students have everyday school supplies. One local teacher has new kicked off a fundraising campaign to help her kids.

Jayme Melton is a fourth-grade teacher at Patriot Elementary School. 

She said like everything else in this economy, education is suffering. She is now looking to the community to help her students learn. She hopes to purchase a document camera for her class with money from the campaign.

"That's one of the things kids constantly ask me every year: 'Can I come closer? I can't see.' Something like this would probably help them be able to see a little bit better from all angles of the classroom."

In order to fix that problem, Melton has turned to the internet. The project is called 'Can you see me now?' 

It's an online fundraiser for a document camera, which takes small images and makes them bigger by projecting them on any wall in the classroom. 

"It might help her and us so we can have more stuff to see better," said Kariya Chiang, one of Melton's students. "She wants us to learn more and not sit there and be confused." 

Melton said the camera is more of a need than a want. It will help students see, understand and have an overall better learning experience. 

"It's not about me wanting something for myself or for the school," said Melton. "It's about the kids. That's why I'm a teacher. Ask anyone in education, the kids are the reason we are here. I want to enhance their learning as much as possible, and if this is going to help, that's what I want to do." 

To donate, follow this link: 

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