Company helps people recycle their electronics

Alianza Recycling hosts e-waste event

BAKERSFIELD - A Bakersfield company is helping people make room in their homes by recycling.

Alianza is collecting old items like television sets, computer monitors and towers that are no longer in use.  The company organizes several community events where people can stop by and drop off their electronic recyclables.

On Saturday, employees teamed up with Bakersfield College.  They usually pay people ten cents a pound for their old items.

“It doesn't have a useful value to us now, but it has a value and we want to keep that.  The resources, back in the manufacturing, we don't just want to throw it in the landfill because a lot of people will hold on to it long enough that they will do a dumb run and in California you can't put lead and glass or anything in the ground now.  So, we're the solution,” said Alex Doward, who works with Aliana Recycling.

If you couldn’t make it out to the event, the company has e-waste drop offs Monday through Friday at its northwest Bakersfield location.

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