Correctional facility keeps options, door open

Taft awaits LA County verdict

TAFT, Calif. - Taft has declared that it is keeping its options open if Los Angeles County ultimately decides not to approve a contract to send some of their inmates to the Taft Community Correctional Facility.

Taft's city staff has sent memos marketing the facility to almost every county in California with jail overcrowding issues.


In August, the Taft City Council unanimously approved a contract to allow L.A. County to use its facility.
Under the contract, L.A. County would pay $31,000 a day, or $60.55 per inmate, to use the correctional facility's 512 beds. The county would also pay $475,800 for startup costs. The contract is not to exceed $75 million.
But the Los Angeles supervisors have dodged the item, wanting to thoroughly review the contract and its costs. It next appears on their Oct. 30 agenda.
The Taft CCF has been vacant since the statewide prison reform went into effect last fall. The last employees were laid off Nov. 15, with just a few staying to maintain the facilities.


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