CSU students register 31K new voters

New online registration system contributed



There are 31 thousand new registered voters in California due to the efforts of California State University students.

Across the 23 campus system, students have mobilized each other to cast their votes in the upcoming election.

The new online registration tool, made it easier for tens of thousands of CSU students to register to vote this year. Students are also encouraging each other to vote.

A voter drive, sponsored by the California State Student Association, is responsible for the increase in new voter registrants. Throughout the state, students in the organization have spent hundreds of hours asking the question, 'Are you registered to vote? They organized efforts on campus to direct students how to register online and also tabled in campus quads or unions.

One of the most motivating factors of all, according to one Cal State Student Association member, is how the results of this election will directly affect California students. They face potential budget cuts in the state's education system if the governor's tax increase measure does not pass.


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