David Silva passed away one month ago and people gathered to make sure the community won't forget

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It was one month ago that David Silva passed away and family and friends of Silva gathered, to make sure people don't quickly forget about him and how he died.

Last month the Kern County Sheriff's Office announced that David Silva’s death was accidental and not caused by a beating from deputies.

Choosing not to accept that David’s family and friends are still looking for other answers, so today, one month after their loved one passed away, they came together as they continue to fight for what they believe in. 

Family and friends of David Silva and even complete strangers showed up today to peacefully protest in front of the Kern County Sheriff's Office. They made signs and stood together asking for honks and justice as they work to keep David Silva’s name alive.

David’s brother, Chris Silva, said he wants to keep fighting as he knows David would do the same if their roles were reversed but he admits he won't be able to fully cope with the loss of his brother until he is done searching for and demanding answers.

"I don't deserve the right to feel anything really until this is all over. David would do me the same way. That is how strong we have to be. It is horrible. It is devastating. It is crippling. You can see the pillars of everyone in your life kind of crumble, but it comes back up. But it is painful," Silva said.

The sheriff's office let the protesters know that they were welcome to stay and peacefully protest for as long as they wanted to - but it did prepare by roping off certain areas in front of the office building and the parking lot.

The family of David Silva and their supporters said today that they still have many questions they recognize that David was involved with drugs and alcohol, but they don't want that to overshadow everything else.

"Dave wasn't a bad person. Dave made mistakes. A case shouldn't be closed just because someone made a mistake. That just seems like it was entirely my brother's fault, from an investigation that was wrapped up by the sheriff's office two weeks ago," Silva added.   

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