Driver charged with second-degree murder

Alleged DUI suspect pleaded not guilty

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The man accused in the fatal DUI accident that killed an 18 year-old woman Monday morning made his first court appearance.

This is not the first time Martin William Juarez was in front of a judge for DUI charges.

"This is devastating not only to the family of the person who is not with us, but to the family of the person who is charged," said Bill Slocumb, Juarez's Attorney

However, this was the first time he is accused of taking someone's life while allegedly driving under the influence.

"Mr. Juarez is charged with second-degree murder of Breana Webb, he is also charged with DUI causing injury to four other surviving victims and he is charged with hit and run," said Robert Murray, deputy district attorney.

Juarez pleaded not guilty to all charges. He has prior convictions for DUI and his attorney believes that has played a role in the severity of these new charges.

"They have elevated the allegations from simply driving under the influence with injury or death to second-degree murder. Those are just allegations at this point," said Slocumb.

Juarez attorney also said his client may have had medical issues causing a false DUI report the night of the accident that took Webb's life.

"If you are hypoglycemic and you have a hypoglycemic event, many emergency rooms will mistake that for being under the influence of alcohol," said Slocumb.

Juarez is due back in court Jan 8.

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