Election results could be delayed

Mail-in ballots could take extra time to count.

With the election just a few days away, election officials say we might not have all of the results by the time we go to bed on election night.

Election officials are blaming voter convenience for the reason final poling numbers might be delayed as officials rush to verify ballots.

Voters across California have more options than ever to cast their ballot.

California's new online voter registration website helped the state register more than a million new voters, setting the state record at more than 18 million.

Add that to the thousands of mail-in ballots, come Tuesday night workers at your local poling place will have their hands full.

"A lot of those vote by mail ballots are not going to be sent through the mail. They are going to come into local poling places and this is where you get into late vote counts because all those last minute vote by mail ballots that come into polling places have to be very carefully verified before they are counted. We have to be able to make sure nobody votes twice,” said Kim Alexander, President of The California Voter Foundation.

California election officials want to make sure under the pressure of election night, only accurate polling numbers are released to the public.

The results from some of the state's most controversial propositions including legislation that would end the death penalty and the three strikes law might not be known for days until  every vote has been counted.

The only way your vote won't be counted is if it doesn't arrive on time.

“The saddest thing you see every election are just stacks and stacks of vote by mail ballots that came in too late to be counted and those people's ballots are not going to get voted and counted,” said Alexander.


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