Emerson Middle school's princial demoted to classroom teacher, parents, students and staff outraged


There is outrage at Emerson Middle School as parents, students and staff learned the principal has been demoted. 


Principal Coman was striped of his role as principal and assigned to teach last week. 


The decision has sparked outrage within the community and many are looking for answers. 


In a statement released to 23ABC the Bakersfield City School District says this decision was "necessary in order to accelerate student performance." and the district "will not discuss personnel matters."


Despite many believing this was a personal attack on principal  Coman by the board Retired Emerson Middle School staff member Charlotte Mannings says this decision is effecting everyone.


"At Emerson we were like family and when you hurt someone in the family, the whole family hurts and that's what they have done; the teachers are hurt the students are hurt," said Mannings. 

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