Facebook fan page created to bully young women in Kern County

Young woman says site was created by ex-boyfriends

BAKERSFIELD - A fan page on Facebook is causing a lot of controversy among many local young women.  Administrators behind the site are posting provocative images once sent privately by their former girlfriends.

The Facebook fan page was created just a day ago.

According to the site – there are at least 16 young people running this fan page on Facebook.  It’s being used to degrade and punish their ex’s in a way that some say is borderline child pornography.

Cyber bullying is becoming a growing problem across the nation and it’s hitting close to home for many young girls in Kern County.

“These pictures will follow them forever whether it’s linked to their name or not, whoever sees their pictures and knows who these girls are now, have to deal with these people who have seen these pictures all over Facebook,” said a young woman who’s friend was listed on the page.

This young woman who did not want to be identified is talking about a fan page recently created on Facebook by local users to humiliate young girls.  The administrators of the page are posting private pictures once sent to them by their ex’s.

“It’s wrong. It’s hurtful. These women don’t deserve to be derogatory, don’t deserve to be classified as a slut because they sent you a naked picture and they hurt your feelings, you’re going to allow the world to see them. Grow up,” she said.

The person or persons behind the page have set up an e-mail account where guys seeking revenge can send pictures of their ex’s.  In a Facebook post: the administrator admits to reading up on Facebook policy and promises to censor photos.

“There’s identifying tattoos, there’s still half faces that can be told.  I’m sorry, but a girl knows her own body and if they can see that on Facebook and their ex’s can see it too – they’re going to know who it is,” she said.

Doctor Richard Eastin is the clinical director for Community Counseling Psychological Services.  He says this type of bullying can develop into bigger issues for everyone involved.

“My first thought is how tragic.  How tragic that we have people who are intentionally seeking to ruin other people and how tragic that people in this case a young lady sent photos of her she thought she can trust,” he said.

Dr. Eastin says the people behind the page show incredible angry over their lost relationships.  As for the victims, the page could result in retaliation and even go as far as suicide.

“These are very powerful feelings, humiliation, helplessness i can see depression coming out of it.  I can see withdrawal coming out of it withdrawal from their social group, their peer groups, even their family – something like this can cause discord in the family system,” he said.

Doctor Eastin recommends that you never trust anyone with personal pictures of yourself because eventually, it could end up on the web.

Meanwhile, we spoke with Bakersfield Police and unless a victim reports it -- they really can't investigate the site or its administrators.

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