Four shootings in three weeks leaves one man dead and nerves rattled in mountain town

Police think shootings are related

TEHACHAPI., Calif. - Four shootings in three weeks, one of them fatal, have people in Tehachapi asking what is going on.

"Its nerve-racking because being here that long it’s just out of the ordinary for something like that to happen," said Tehachapi resident Daniel Bonilla.

"It’s been getting pretty bad here lately," said Tehachapi resident Veronica Soto.

Tehachapi police say there were two drive-by shootings into homes at the end of September, both within a block of each other.

"It’s kind of scary. I’m like, it’s someone I know or someone nearby me," Bonilla said.

One of the shootings happened the same day sheriff's deputies began investigating the slaying of Larry Reagan in the Old Ranch part of town.

"We got a cowboy here, or a couple of them, and they are taking advantage of this small town and the situation," Bonilla said.

"It scares me a lot because you never know because you can be outside and a bullet can hit you," Soto said.

Saturday, there was another report of shots fired. Officers found shell casings but no reports of damage or injuries. Investigators think there is a connection between all the shootings.

"I would think that it is the same person if anything, because they never caught the first guy. So, I would think the same guy is just running around doing the same thing," Bonilla said.

Detectives are waiting ballistics results to definitively link the shootings.

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