Golden Empire Transit starts new route system

GET bus route in effect

BAKERSFIELD - Golden Empire Transit’s new bus route system went into effect Sunday.

GET officials say the new system provides faster service and shorter routes.  More frequent stops are being added to areas of the greatest need. 

Officials say they had to cut service to areas with low ridership so they could improve service to the majority of their customers.  Riders we spoke with say they aren’t fans of the new system.

"It's different.  People get confused and people are going to be late for work and school and stuff like that.  They should of waited," said Brittney Cartwright of Bakersfield.

Norma Prado uses the bus regularly and said, "I didn't like it because how are people going to get to their doctor's appointments and all that and people are going to be late for school and for work and it’s so confusing."

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