Group helps parents and children plan a safe Halloween

Concerned parents learn about being safe

BAKERSFIELD - Safety is a big concern for many parents, especially on Halloween.  A local group is making sure the tradition of ‘trick or treating’ is kept safe for children.

There’s a lot of things parents worry about, from kidnappings to the risk of getting hit by a car, but now members of the Eagles Hall in Bakersfield hope to bring a little ease this year.

Mariyah Flores is keeping a close eye on her dynamic duo.

"Ryan is Batman and Drake is Robin," she said.

Flores wants to make sure her kids have a fun, but safe Halloween.

"You have to be careful with anything anywhere you go now, especially from house to house,” said Flores, who decided to take part in the Halloween festivities at the Eagles Hall.

Members are providing a safe place where families can celebrate with no worries.

"It's your child.  You have to be concerned, no matter what, where you're going, where you're getting it from, even if it’s a closed package, you have to be concerned," said Flores.

Children from all over the community came together to play games, enjoy a free meal and eat plenty of candy.

"It's fun to dress up.  The kids have a good time.  They like coming in here.  We have a lot of the kids, it's just fun," said J.P. Portillo, who helped organize the event.

In the middle of all the fun is a serious message they want children and their parents to go home with as they prepare for Halloween.

"I know that if it’s in a wrapper it’s safe to eat and if it’s not then don't take it," said Maria Portillo,11, of Bakersfield.

Parents are being encouraged to trick or treat early and if possible find costumes that have reflective material.  Also, create few ground rules before heading out like Portillo and her family.

"My mom talks to me before we go out and then when we're in the car, we go out and then she checks our bags," she said.

Members of the Eagles Hall plan to continue their Halloween celebration this weekend with a fundraiser to Spook Out Cancer.

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