Hundreds of people attend the annual Bakesfield Comic-Con

Comic Book and Fantasy Convention draws huge crowd

BAKERSFIELD - Comic book enthusiasts are celebrating the world of fantasy. Heroes, villains and super natural powers is helping contribute to the success of the land of make believe. 

They’re the characters we watched growing up and now they’re coming to life by the fans that made them successful.

“When Spider-man first started out he was always picked on, he was a little nerd, no one liked him. He got his super powers and he didn’t abuse his power. He was still a nerd and he could of fought back, but he chose not to because he didn’t want to reveal his secret identify and that’s why I could relate to that because I was a little guy back in school,” said a local man dressed as Spider-Man.

The 5th annual Bakersfield Comic-Con is a one-day convention filled with super heroes and worlds filled with fantasy.

“I just love comic books and I’m really happy that they did this.  They do this like every year and every year it gets better and better.  Last year was pretty good, but this year is way more people,” he said.

Comic-con helps promote local business, giving regulars more of their favorite characters and introducing the fantasy word to many new faces.

“Hopefully it’s more of a discovery.  They are enjoying what they like and saying ‘wow! They actually make a comic book out of this, oh the Avenger’s movie it’s been running since 1961,” said event promoter, Steve Wyatt.

The event is also bringing professional animators to the convention.  Artists from popular franchises such as the Simpson’s, Star Wars,  Star Trek, Batman and Sonic the Hedgehog.

“I don’t want them to walk out of the door and say wow this was amazing and oh I did this. I want them to walk out and go I had fun,” he said.

Many people we spoke with say they did have fun dressing up for the convention and they can hardly wait for next year.  Organizers of Bakersfield Comic-Con say the event also helped raise money for local charities.

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