Hundreds of people celebrate 'Make a Difference' Day

Bakersfield Mayor helps people cleanup community

BAKERSFIELD - Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall helped hundreds of people celebrate ‘Make a Difference’ day.

The event brings volunteers together, who spend the day cleaning up graffiti around the community.  They also pick up litter in neighborhoods and collect items to be recycled.

The 8th annual event also linked people to about forty vendors.  Groups offered visitors a variety of tips from saving money at the pump to advice on health and fitness.

“I think the best part is just to have the community together and working together and to be recycling and making Bakersfield look beautiful as the event is called and just to make sure everybody is aware and to make sure to take care of our city," said volunteer, Lilyana Espinoza.

Another big part of the event educates people on the use of solar energy and preparing them for the future.

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