Hunter reported missing after 9 hours

Hunter separated from friend for over 9 hours

FORT TEJON, Calif. - A local hunter is reported missing after missing a meet-up time with his friend at Brush Mountain on Saturday.

At approximately 9 p.m. on Saturday, William Jones contacted Kern County Sheriff's Office to report his missing hunting friend.

Earlier in the day, Jones and 40-year old Rudy Chacon had been hunting in and around Brush Mountain near the Fort Tejon Historical Park.

The hunters decided to separate and meet back at their camp site at noon.

When Chacon did not arrive by 9 p.m., Jones decided to report Chacon missing.


The Kern County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team responded to the location and began searching for Chacon. 

The area where Chacon is believed to be lost is extremely remote with rugged terrain.  This is an ongoing investigation. 

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