Hyundai announces 2nd annual car giveaway

Anyone can upload short video for competition


For the remainder of the school year, Bakersfield Hyundai is inviting students in the Kern High School District to compete for the chance to win a brand new car.
Anyone can compete by uploading a short video to the competition website, nominating one graduating senior.  
Seniors can nominate themselves if they wish.
In this video, contestants must declare the person nominated, the high school he or she attends, and stay within the three-minute time limit.  Other than general guidelines, Hyundai encourages the more creative, the better.
Last year, 18-year-old Garret Lawrence's video received thousands of votes, and due to his creativity and dedicated voters, come graduation he drove off in a brand new Hyundai Veloster.
"Bakersfield Hyundai is proud to announce our 2nd annual Ultimate Graduation Giveaway.  We were thrilled with the turnout and enthusiasm last year, and we look forward to celebrating this year's outstanding senior class," says Patrick Beck, General Manager.
To nominate a graduating senior, visit
Uploading begins Nov. 1st and ends May 31st.  Community members, parents, staff, and students are encouraged to visit the competition website during this time and vote on their favorite videos.  
On June 5th, the winning senior will be announced and awarded the new car.
The winning student will be receiving the sleek and innovative 2012 Hyundai Veloster.  With its unique and modern three-door design, voice text-messaging, and xbox compatibility.
Ultimately, through this event Bakersfield Hyundai hopes to create a positive atmosphere within the community, highlighting the achievements and individuality of high school seniors.
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